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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone purchase real estate in Japan?

Any foreign national can purchase property in Japan, without restriction.

What are the purchase related costs in Japan?


i) Real Estate Commission 

3% of the purchase price plus ¥60,000
Plus government consumption tax of 10% of the above calculation

ii) Contract Stamp Duty

Government revenue stamps need to be affixed to the Sale Agreement 

iii) Title Registration Stamp Duty 

This is a tax charged by the government calculated on the government valuation

iv) Title Registration Certificate Charge

A fee will apply to every block of land and building purchased

v) Annual Fixed Assets Tax 

The annual property tax determined by the government paid on an annual basis is charged pro rata at the time of sale

What is the sales process in Japan?

i) The buyer and seller agree on a price and terms


ii) Contract Execution 


a) We send you purchase related information for the sale, so you understand all the costs

b) We will also send you via email the (draft) sale documents to review and upon your approval, we will courier you hard copies to sign

c) At this point the agreed upon deposit is required and you will need to transfer these funds to us


iii) Contract Settlement 


a) The local solicitor will send you a Power of Attorney and a Statutory Declaration document to sign and have notarized, then you will need to return it to the solicitor’s office via courier


b) You will now need to make the final payment by transferring funds to us


iv) Title Transfer & Ownership 


a) The local solicitor will register the new title deed in your name at the Title Registration Office 

b) The legal office will courier you the new title


Congratulations! You now own a property here in Niseko.

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